HUMAN FEEL is a statement of the universal need for personal contact, emotional connection, and acceptance across cultural, ethnic, and gender boundaries. By addressing a very personal feeling of longing in an open and positive way, Kendal Thompson has created a call to action. Paired with a stunning video directed by Dylan Mitro, the message of Human Feel is clear: No matter who you are, what you are, or where you are, love and acceptance can define us as humans if we choose it.


I enjoy creating music videos because of their lack of boundaries, with an opportunity to express my imagination freely. I want explore and deconstruct the norm, presenting a dialogue that discusses the perspectives that are underrepresented in mainstream media. Focusing on a queer and gender positive representation. My style tends to lean towards a more abnormal narrative, whether it's adults playing spin the bottle or a room that is entirely silver. Working with Kendal was a pleasure and I was very thankful for the creative trust that I was given.  The music video could not have come together without the collaboration of many talented friends who were all so devoted to bringing this absurd vision to life.

Human Feel is a narrative trying to playfully explore our first introductions to human connection. Some of us having that first interaction in a friendly game of spin the bottle. I wanted to flip the stigma of the hetero-normative way of thinking about "normal" romantic connections.

- Dylan Mitro